Joery Erna

Joery Erna is a maker from Belgium focusing on photography, film, and sculpture. His work focuses on the elasticity of the photographic act. What does photography conjure for the ones involved - maker, subject, and viewer? Which traces are left behind when we photograph? What is the relation between subject and maker? His artistic practice is held within a Ph.D. at KULeuven, Luca School of Arts, and will conclude in 2026. Furthermore, he is active as chair and docent for the Visual Arts Department at Luca School of Arts (C-mine Genk).

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Current Works

    Elastic Encounter (E.E)
        Davidé C.
        Luca T.
        Benjamin M.
        Jochem E.
        Max J.    

Past Works

    Away With Us
    Joery Looks at  Easy Tiger
    Joery Looks at Tom

     Bed Dialogues (E.E)
     Heart X Sweat  (E.E)

     Free Works

 What does photography conjure?   Tangible and untagible traces?   It often starts with coffee, not with a camera.   I miss them when it is over.           What are the unspoken desires?