Heart x Sweat

Life is a cycle of repetition, movement, acting, and reacting. All activities follow certain codes. Heart X Sweat investigates the choreography of photographing someone. In the majority of the photographic practice, this meeting is confined in a social structure; there is a subject and a photographer. This relation creates a certain dynamic of dominance and submission.

In order to mutate the practice, a camera was developed in collaboration with programmer Jeroen Vinken. Instead of controlling the camera via a button, the camera is controlled by biometric sensors. The camera only photographs when two heart rates cross. The language of photography has changed. Heart X Sweat invites different makers to be connected with me in order to produce images. An encounter takes one hour in which the photo studio is transformed into a playground. The meeting place varies, my house, their house, an empty space. It demands a closer understanding of each other, a closer look at relations, and trust that the other means well.


Man: I never eat.

Man: I never sleep. I can’t sleep when I am meeting someone. I get nervous easily.

Man: How long have you been awake?

Man: My whole life.

Man: Must be nice.

Man: Yes, but also very dangerous. 

Man: Shall we try? 

Man: I don’t know if that’s a good idea... 

Man: Well what can happen, we just keep it good. 

Tuesday Oct 5 2021